Letchworth  & District Bowls Association

Founded 1948


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The Constitution defines the legal requirements of the Association. These rules define the day-to-day operation
of the Association and associated activities. Changes to these rules can only be made at the Annual or Special Meeting.
These rules adopt and enforce the laws of the sport as laid down by the World Bowls Board and the Regulations of
Bowls England. Members shall be deemed to be conversant with these laws and Regulations and to hold themselves
subject to disciplinary measures for breeches thereof. Where there is any apparent discrepancy between these rules and the regulations of Bowls England or the Constitution of this Association the latter will take precedence.
Regulation dress on the green for Association matches will be white above the waist with white or grey below the
waist, as specified on the match sheet. For gentlemen, white above the waist shall mean a white shirt and the
Association tie. If white trousers are specified white socks will also be worn. For ladies, white above the waist shall
mean a white blouse. Trousers, skirts or culottes of the appropriate color may also be worn below the waist. Flat
heeled shoes or boots will be worn which may be white, grey or brown although white is preferred. Dress code
before and after the match will be white above the waist and grey below with Association tie for gentlemen.
Blazers will be worn unless permission is given to remove them.
The Honorary Secretary will send nomination sheets for all matches to all affiliated clubs. Completed forms should be
returned to the Honorary Secretary, by the requested date. Teams for matches will be selected by a sub-committee of
the President, Immediate Past President and Honorary Secretary. Selected teams will be sent out to all affiliated
clubs at least two weeks before the match is due to be played. This will be dependent on sufficient names being
received within the time scales to allow the sub-committee to meet, in other cases the Honorary Secretary will decide
how to select the team.
The Association may run such competitions as it sees fit. Entry to these competitions must be made by 31st January
in the year of the competition. Competition rules will be published in the annual handbook and may be altered at any
AGM or SGM. All entries to Association competitions must purchase a copy of he handbook for that year.
All trophies are the property of the Association. Previous Winner's must return trophies by the end of the
succeeding season.
The official Association pocket badge may be worn by members of affiliated clubs when they have played in three
Association matches spread over not less than three years. Matches played on tour do not count towards the award
of the Association Pocket Badge. Those qualifying who wish to be presented with their badge, must inform
Honorary Secretary at least 48 ours in advance of their qualifying match. Players playing their first match for the
Association will be entitled to receive a colts badge. The cost of pocket badges will be borne by the recipient.
Changes to these Rules can only be made at an Annual or Special General Meeting. Details of the proposed changes
with the names of the proposer and seconder must be giving in writing to the Honorary Secretary giving at least 21 days
notice to allow circulation to members.