Letchworth  & District Bowls Association

Founded 1948

President 2023

      Will Martin 

STEVENAGE TOWN Bowls Club      Photo

President's Address 2023

Dear Members

This year Letchworth and District Bowling Association are celebrating its 75th Anniversary and it gives me immense pleasure to be President for this momentous year.It has been 10 years since I last held the post, and so much has changed.

However, your continued support for the organisation hasn't waivered and is much appreciated.

My charity this coming year is for Alzheimer's Disease.  Doctors  often refer to it as Dementia, using the word to describe a group of  symptoms, caused by different illnesses, when brain cells stop working properly. Sadley many of us had bad family, friends or acquaintances who have suffered these symptoms; problems thinking, remembering, speaking, or acting strangely. Research is desperately needed, and this is a chance to raise funds for such a worthy cause.

I would like to thank STEVENAGE TOWN Bowls for their backing and all the Officer's of L & D for their supoport.

I hope to meet you on ther Green at some point during the season, if not playing then pehaps a drink at a bar.

Will Martin