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Letchworth  & District Bowls Association

Founded 1948

Champion of Champions

2022 Brian Todd

2022 Finalists for the 

Cairns Cup

Details as Soon as

Details are available

Runner Up:- T. Sinclair

Letchworth Garden City 

Singles Finalists
Mens Pairs Finalists
Mixed Pairs Finalists

S.Brown - S. Andrews

Royston - Baldock Town

M.Coppen - H. Chambers

S.Brown - s. Andrews

Royston - Baldock Town

H. Liddle - R. Castle

J. Clayton - P. Andrews

Baldock Town - Baldock Town

Triples Finalists
Rinks  Finalists

P. Griffiths - M. Parsons

A. Hodgson - D. Davies

A. Charter - B. Todd

Royston Town - Baldock Town

S. Budge -  R. Gasson

J. Morley - G. Henniker

R. Dempster - P. Keily

A. Heath - S. Wilson

Baldock Town - Stevenage Town